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Friday 9 februari 2018 | Turtles All The Way Down was published on October 10, 2017 | Written by author John Green


John green is known as the best writer of Young Adult novels of this time. His latest book was released in 2017. Is this book another hit, will his reign continue or is it a miss?
written by Nathalie Marcellis
The plot is about Aza Holmes who is 16 years old with a few anxiety disorders. These disorders result in her being scared to get bacteria in her body because she thinks they will take ownership of her body.
When she doesn't worry about the fact that she might get infected she starts and adventure with one of her two only friends called Daisy. A billionaire called Russell Pickett is missing while there are investigations for fraud going on. The reward of giving information that will find him is $100,000. Aza has to talk to an old acquaintance Davis who is the son of the billionair. She met him when she was 11 at "Sad Camp" (a place to be when children lose a parent)

Interview With Aza Holmes

written by Nathalie Marcellis
You are the main character of "Turtles All The Way Down" but how do you view yourself?
I see myself as the side-kick of my friend daisy. I choose to believe that my story is a romance novel but it turns out that I might be just the friend in a comedy film.

What are your fears?
1. I am constantly worried that there is an infection in my finger

2. Not being my own self but being controlled by others.

3. I think I am telling a story but the story might be telling me. It is just as my slogan: "Sometimes you think you're spending money, but all along the money is spending you"

What do you think would be an alternate ending/cliff hanger for the novel?
I always think that this world I live in is just fictional. What is reality when you do not know what happens after death. If I ever could speak to the reader I would say: "Please, don't close the book, I want to be real, I don't want to fade away."
How To Cope With Mental Illnesses
This novel takes place in modern day life of the town Indianapolis in America. Aza and Daisy like to hang at Applebee's to trace clues through social media. They annoy the waitress there because they keep using coupons instead of paying fully for food. They sit there all afternoon because of the Wi-Fi and the good food.


written by Nathalie Marcellis
Oss - This book is no exception for immense quoting just as John's other books. Even though John has a very random, spontaneous and joking kind of personality he still writes very dramatic and romantic novels. But he does have clever jokes in them but somehow he manages to write novels about serious issues and sensitive subjects. "I think I might be fictional" says Aza to her therapist, this is said almost at the beginning of the book. Not knowing and not existing, is the theme of his new book.

John Green Interview Of His Career

Written by Nathalie Marcellis
Oss - John green debuted with his book "Looking for Alaska" in 2006. With this book he won his first award the "Printz Award". In 2007 John and his brother Hank Green started a Youtube channel called the "VlogBrothers". They are both widely known on the internet as funny guys who make sometimes weird jokes but also as news spreaders who dare to go into discussions with the viewer for educational reasons. A few steps in time in the year 2012 John became first on "New York Times Best Seller List". In the year 2014 he got his first film adaptation of the book "The Fault In Our Stars" and in 2015 his book "Paper Towns" also got adapted. In the same year he told that he may not publish a book ever again because he felt people gave him intense pressure to write his books as if someone was watching over his shoulder when he was busy writing. After 2 years he announced a new book "Turtles All The Way Down" and is since October 2017 for sale in your local bookstore.