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volume CX, number 6. monday june 13 1980. Terrell Country.

Drug deal gone awry

9 dead found at the Mexican-American border in remote Terrell County in southwest Texas, due to a drug deal gone bad.
by: Rik Peek, 5HA
Yesterday morning Texas border patrol found a group of trucks in the middle of Terrell Country dessert. On closer inspection they found the remains of a violent shootout between two criminal gangs.
At the crime scene law enforcers found 8 dead male bodies, a dead bull dog and variety of shotguns, sub-machineguns and pistols. It seems that more than a hundred rounds were fired by the gangs. The police concluded that the shootout happened because of a drug deal gone wrong. However, the truck used to transport the drugs still had the 500 pound amount of heroine in the back trunk.It seems as if the survivors didn?t had the time or strength to take the drugs with them in an attempt to leave the area with the money.
Later, when the police had investigated the surrounding area, they found a dead man shot in the chest about a mile away from where the shootout happened. The man didn?t have any money or guns on him, so the police are still looking for the other gang members. Oddly two of the dead bodies found at the crime scene didn?t seem like they were part of the original shootout nor were they part of one of the two gangs.
They where both from Caucasian decent, had matching black suits, were unarmed and were shot from close range directly in the head. Also there was a truck with cut tires more than 70 yards away from the other vehicles. Police are busy tracing to who this car belongs since it doesn?t appear like the car was from one of the gang members. At the crime scene there may also be some guns missing, there were multiple people shot with a 9mm rounds, but no pistol with that type of ammo has been found at the scene.

Further investigation

57 year old Terrell Country sheriff Ed Tom Bell, a World War 2 veteran who received a bronze star for heroic and great performance during his military service, is now proceeding with further investigations on the gangs and the location of the money.

When interviewed, sheriff Bell said: ''we're doing our best to find any survivors of the shootout and we?re busy trying to find where the money is located. If anybody sees someone suspicious, someone who carries a lot of cash with them or a firearm, then they should go and inform the police as quickly as possible. We think there may be multiple people after the 2 to 3 million dollars of cash, so if any civilians find the money they must fear for their own life and they should bring it to the police immediately.'' Police will continue searching for any leads on the whereabouts of the money, the drugs and the deaths related to the crime scene.
photo of the crime scene