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World War has begon on a sunny day, Temp 22 C
Monday 28 July 1914 | Unbelieveble news about the just started war | England fights with Rusia and France against enemy! | Daily edition 2,99 pound | Monday 28 July 1914 |

Article movie COWARD

Below a article about the film The easter rising. This article is written by confidential sources.
Made by Jasmijn Fernandes.
The movie "COWARD" is about two boys who are cousins, and have decided to go into the army of the British Empire in WWI. In this movie are several fragments about these boys fighting and traumatizing in the
In the WWI are tranches, the thraches of The United Kingdom are really damp, dirty and the floor of the tranches were muddy. These thranches are really unpleasant for
the soldairs. The United Kingdom is thinking they wouldn't fight for long. But now they have fought for a long time already.
In the movie the army of The United Kingdom is getting two more soldiers named, Andrew and James. The fragments of these boys fighting are
really fiercely to watch. They are treated like animals by the officer. The soldairs must be standing everytime the officer is approaching. The officer is being treated with respect, and honour, and it's not mutual.
The fragments are also showing that it could be quit sometimes. At some points no one was shooting and maybe a number of two times they shot because the enemy came to close to our tranches.
The fragments are also showing that suddenly there is a attack, and several soldairs are getting killed. Because of
this attack are the tranches getting blown up and the two cousins are getting hurled out of the tranches by the bombing. At this moment the soldiers are amazed by this attack because it had been quit lately. By the time Andrew regain consciousness he saw James lying on the ground next to him. He were waking him up, but then another bom gets into the tranches. Andrew and James are waking up outside the tranches, both overwhelmed by everything. They are crawling to the machine gun, and then it's getting weard.
Suddenly Andrew is being accused of something, and it's not clear of what. Because of this accusing the other soldairs have to executed Andrew among wich James is one of the shooters.
The fragments of the movie are showing the hard life of the soldiers in WWI. Seeing this movie really let you think about WWI, and let you realize how much we should be gratefull for the soldairs who have fought.


The documentary
"The war"

By Jasmijn, Floor, Lucia and Renee
The documentary The war is produced by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick and written by Geoffrey Ward. The first episode was released 23 september 2007, and the program has seven episodes in total. Each episode lasts two hours.
Ken Burns is an American filmmaker he has made several documentaries like the Civil war, Baseball, Jass and The war. He is born July 29, 1953.
Lynn Novick an American producer of documentary and is widely known for her work with Ken Burns. She is born in 1962.
Geoffrey Ward is an American editor, author, historian and writer of documentaries. He is has won 7 Emmy Awards.
The war is a serie of seven episodes about the WW2 where you get to hear
heardbreaking stories about the soldierst that were fighting in de military. The sories
are so personal that you just can empathize about the live that the soldiers in the war
were living. It?s about the live that the soldiers where living in America in the fight with
Documentary review "The war"
The mini-serie is about World War I experience from the perspective of 4 American towns Luverne, Mobile, Sacramento and Waterbury, there residents and family members who had to fight in different parts of the world. The Pacific, Africa and different places in Europe. Famous actors as Tom Hanks, Samuel L Jackson are heard as voice overs reading telegrams, articles and letters from the front. Every episode tells a different part.
Why the war was necessary. When the war got Tough. The big numbers of soldiers dying. The invasion of Europe D-day.
The hard fighting and the first results.The winter of 44 and fights in Germany.
The final stages of the war in Japan with te atomic bomb and the concentration camps.
It is a good documentary that shows the war through the eyes of normal Americans. And it is interesting to see that from small towns they travelled to different parts of the world they did not know. But everybody wanted to fight and defend the democracy.

Buy the Hotchkiss Mk I for a low price!!

By Jasmijn Fernandes
This gun is made for the running soldairs, it's weigh lightly en that makes it easy to carry with you. It has a maximum rang of 3.800 m and weight 12 kg. These guns are made by Springfield Armory and by Colt's Manufacturing Company. Most soldairs have these guns, and it's great for self-protection and attacking.


The documentary
"The war"

By Jasmijn, Floor, Lucia and Renee
It's a historical documentary/serie about the war. They give much information so it's very instructive. The message of the documentary is to give you some insight into the war. It's speaks to people of twelve years and older, because they show sometimes violent images. And it's a documentary about a serious topic, children under the twelve years don?t understand that.
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