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Wednesday 11th of October 2017 | Good Great New (GGN) - Made by: Zeed Azzawi, Ouail Akkouh, Walid Najah and Taip Kaya | Free Edition For All Of England

Good Great News (GGN)

World Bank chief sounds alarm over job automation
11th of October
The Hague -
The world is on a "crash course" as people's hopes collide with a future in which millions of jobs are automated, the World Bank chief has said.
Jim Yong Kim said policymakers should take action by investing in education and health. The World Bank president was speaking in New York ahead of the group's annual meeting in Washington DC this week. The remarks come amid wider concerns about political threats to economic growth.
The World Bank plans to publish a ranking of countries that measures investments in "human capital", such as education. The focus is a shift for the organisation, which was established after World War Two to spur infrastructure reconstruction.
But Dr Kim said other kinds of investments are important to economic growth in the future, as robots displace millions of low-skill workers ."The one thing you know for sure that you'll need in whatever the economy looks like in the future is people who can learn," he told the BBC. "We want to create a sense of urgency to invest in people that we think is necessary given the way ... the global economy is changing."

Great Gesture

11th of October
The Hague -
As a gesture of unity and goodwill, this Indian boxer handed his recently-won champion belt back to his chinese opponent in order to ease tension between their two countries.

By: Taip Kaya
This Traveling Cat Circus Has Helped Save More Than 200 Kittens Lives
The Hague- These Acro-cats saved more than 200 kittens. They travel the whole country to perform. In 2009 (about four years after Martin started the group) Martin got inspired to take an even more active role in helping kittens in need. Her search led her to a shelter in Chicago. A worker there told Martin that several kittens really needed a home so she said ?I take all 12,? which she called a ?life-changing moment.? Kittens are usually highly adoptable, but animal shelters are often not well-equipped to care for kittens younger than 8 weeks old, as they need bottle and overnight care.
These days, Martin, her human assistants and 17 cats are travelling the country. The kittens are staying in a deluxe three-level specially outfitted cat bus. Over the years, Martin and the Acro-Cats team members have helped save 209 kittens. Most have found new homes, although a few especially promising ones have wound up sticking around to become performers. A lot of cats are given away because of behavioral problems and the reason they have behavioral problems is because they?re bored. ?They need interaction,? Martin said. ?They need a way to use their brain. Some cats more than others.? That?s where training can help. Martin trains the kittens bay using only positive reinforcement (that means no punishments). Your cats may never be ready for performing like the acro-cats, but Martin said teaching your pets some basic tricks is a great way to keep them mentally stimulated and make your bond stronger. She recommended starting with short sessions of around 10 minutes a day.

Floyd Mayweather plays for charity basketball

11th of October
the Hague -
Despite the big fight against UFC star McGregor appears mayweather the next day in a basketball game for charity. Appering on the Steve Harvey on Monday night, he confirmed:??Yes,it was for cancer, the next day.??

??Its about giving back, I?m a man of my word and I stand by my word.??

Southwest pilot surprises his millionth passenger

11th of October
The Hague- On a regular Saturday a woman has a flight from Denver to Pittsburgh with southwest airlines. before they took off the captain took the intercom and explains there is a very special person on board.
The captain said today it?s very special day because I?m with Southwest for 22 years. Ever when I started with Southwest, I?ve kept track of the passengers I?ve flown and today I?m flying my one millionth passenger
The woman was a half Moroccan and a half Latin-American. The woman was 34 years old and lives in the United States of America. She was surprised and didn?t expected it.
the pilot surprises the woman with a bottle of champagne, an Autographed The pilot gave the woman a bottle of champagne, a signed boarding pass, and the price of her ticket in cash, from his own pocket.

By: Zeed Azzawi